Let's sell more stuff!

We help e-retailers and customers “shop the look” across multiple brands and stores!

Dynamic Curation for e-Commerce

Prismatik enables Shopify merchants to arrange complementary products into collections that drive multiple sales and deeper engagement leading to repeat visitation.

Re-creates the traditional “Personalized” shopping experience

Seamlessly tied to real-time inventory

Will not complicate your marketing stack or slow the customer experience

Activate your imagery

You’re spending huge budget on product and lifestyle photography; let’s put it to work by creating looks and ensembles to entice your customers and increase your Average Order Value (AOV).

Your Real-Time executive summary

Not all the data, just the right data— Prismatik shows you what you need to know to manage your prisms and their continual performance.

Personalize your presentation, run reports by any date range, Access CRM and Shopify data.  

See the Prismatik difference (by sales lift)

Understand which products ensembles are most/least effective and optimize your inventory and yield

AOV, Cart Size and Conversion Rate—  all that really matters for your business

Understand your site traffic like never before

Socially acceptable

Share Customer, Brand Ambassador and Influencer collections to their  Social Media, extending your
marketing reach!

Created by merchants for merchants

eCcommerce is dynamic, ever-evolving and complex. We’ve created Prismatik to help merchants not just compete but thrive against
all competitors.

We exist to level the playing field.

Impressive results

After one full year with Prismatik, our test case brand enjoyed appreciable performance increases in all key metrics with no additional spend for that increased traffic.

Our team

Our team understands Merchandising, Tech and Hyper-scaling. We’ve seen us do it!

Bob Hayes

CEO | Co-Founder

Transformational leader and founder in retail, digital media, and commerce. Start-up to Fortune 100. 

Jay Watt

COO | Co-Founder

Co-founded startups in supply chain, analytics and product. Profitably scaled two marketplaces from proof-of-concept $300M+.

Jason Arena

CMO | Co-Founder

Designer, global brand strategist, marketer. A graduate of Parsons School of Design with agency and client-side experience.

Randy Cameron


Sales Exec for world-recognized brands. Delivered profitable & sustainable growth via developing & implementing merchandise/marketing for brick and mortar and digital. 

Jeff Peden

Technical Advisor

CTO with 20 years experience as startup founder, technologist, strategist, and advisor. Co-founded two tech startups . 

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Built for Merchants by Merchants.

Prismatik is a SaaS company built by eCommerce experts to enable SMB brands and digital retailers to compete more effectively against the large retailers that dominate 70%+ of the digital marketplace.